After a 4 inch keene or proline dredge

Hope you all keeping well over lockdown. Im looking to buy a keene or proline 4 inch dredge. I did have a dredge but sold it to a mate a few months ago. Yeah stupid of me i know. Reason i sold it was because i have taken a new job and moved from Ashburton to Greymouth so needed all the money i could get for the move . And also were not sure if my claim was going to be renewed. Well im now living in a caravan waiting for the levels to go down to move into my new place and the claim has finally been renewed. So yup thats why im after another dredge . Not keen on a homemade one just a second had keene or proline. Thanks

I’ve got a keene 4 inch triple sluice but it is in auckland

Hi thanks for letting me know but i have just bought a dredge . Thanks