Additional Ads in the Forum

Full disclosure… to help the site cover its own costs I’m experimenting with a little additional advertising. Don’t worry - there’s no danger of plugs being pulled, it’s just preferable for it to pay its own way.

I know, I know - no-one really likes ads, but unfortunately they’re a necessary evil.

As an experiment you’ll start seeing extra ads pop in after every 10 posts on a conversation. Hopefully that’s not too intrusive.


would a subscription system be able to be worked. i guess you would have an idea of how much we would have to pay with the number of members here less a few who probably wouldnt join a pay to view site.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’d prefer to keep it a free space. Luckily Minelab have come back onboard with advertising, so with the extra ad slots all should be good. I think the most expensive part of the site is the Permit Map, so I might have a play there to see if I can get the costs down (the Mapbox fees can creep up a bit from month to month).

Personally, I’m happy with “relevant” ads, what really gets on my tits are things that are totally irrelevant to what I’m looking at, I really don’t need anymore panty liners or male grooming products.


Cheers @Mahoy, but I am starting to wonder about your search history now :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe that’s the fallback ads when Google has trouble tracking what your browser history is?!

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I sometimes wonder how we get adverts, Google seem to be miles off with their algorithms, I can’t look at anything recently without being pestered to buy a rug!
Bloody hell, I’ve never Googled rugs in my life, honestly!

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Oh so the ads from sex shops, condom manufacturers, the Ky company, massage parlours and for anal beads is related to the sites you look at…cant be. I am a good boy l am. If ads related to the sites you search then mine should be for walking frames, mobility scooters, dentures, adult napkins, age care residences and funeral parlours.


I’d recommend to stop letting the grandkids borrowing your laptop :wink: The youth of today!

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Hey I am too young to have grandkids - I am still interviewing suitable women to have kids!

I think I’ve found your problem re: odd ads :joy: