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Abyss Dredging score big!


holy crap . thats awesome going


Epic as . I Can’t wait till they do more dredge videos


holy heck thats just incredible well done guys …a dream day for sure…!!!

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Hi guys Darren here from Abyss Dredging. Thanks to everyone for your support. It was an epic day detecting. We had no idea we were gonna score so big. I had been in the area a few weeks earlier and pulled out 2 ounces in coarse nuggets. It was to good a spot not to go back and get some more on camera. We will be back to this spot again to do some more detecting and filming. We are gold hunters not movie makers so please excuse our somewhat average filming skills. We have had a few suggestions that it may be fake eg. A painted rock but I ensure you the video and the gold are the real deal. We will be back Dredging soon with a big project hole to suck out on my claim.


I’ve been a fan of your videos for a while now Darren :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the next installments!! Keep up the great work mate and I look forward to seeing what else you pull out of the area! :metal:

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Great work on some awesome gold! That’s the stuff dreams are made of. Your reaction to the find was similar to mine when I found my 35 gammer. Look forward to seeing your next video.

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Hi Gavin
Great site Paydirt, its a credit to you.
We are looking forward to sharing our upcoming adventures with everyone but that nugget was just something else. The area may have more to give fingers crossed.

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way to go bro yous to do the hard work thats for shor and its paying of now

Cheers Jade, happy hunting.

Awesome finds Abyss dredging Well Done!. You guys and some of your techniques such as the little hose you put onto the main dredge hose for cleaning out the crevices ive now started to doing

Looking forward to more videos.