Abyss Dredging on YouTube

Just enjoyed this bit of lunchtime viewing:

Always enjoy watching native NZ dredging videos :slight_smile: Looking forward to checking some more videos from the users channel:



there are some cool videos on his channel well worth a watch to see some shiny stuff :grin:

Yeah they get some nice nuggs.enjoy these guys!

whoa beautiful…

@Mal not quite the masterpieces of your videos, but loving the content :slight_smile:

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Do you have a utube Chanel?

What name…?

They are very good, also show the washup at the end. A lot of YouTube dredging vids don’t.
We have subscribed. Search for Abyss dredging and you will find them.

Here you go… Mal’s Gold Adventures


Yep thanks Gav…there is 3 videos that I think are any good…they are -

Back to the gorge-Mal's Gold Adventures Ep 3(Back to the gorge) - YouTube

Land of the brave-Mal's Gold Adventures (EP 4) Land of the brave - YouTube

and 12 days on the gold-12 Days on the Gold - YouTube

working on the next one’s which are an extended version of 12 days on the gold…also started one on the history of early gold mining in NZ…public fossicking areas guide vid and finally one dispelling the myth that recreational gold mining causes damage to the environment (compared to natural erosion)…check me out and don’t forget to subscribe…if we stay in lockdown too long this may be my new job…lol!


hey good one mal , I was following Dave McCrackens fight to save suction dredging in California , some real interesting stuff in the court cases, and your right , floods do more damage than small scale goldmining …keep up the good work

Thanks Gavin and Mal

I have subscribed to both channels

Great channels.

Mal you are a natural…! :+1:
Look forward to watching more

Thanks @Mal love ya vids always a great watch :slightly_smiling_face:!

Orr thanks guys…got some fans…lol…yes been researching the issue for a fair while now…seen whats been happening in Queenstown and Marlborough of late…will have to tread carefully …its a case of some things are better kept under the radar at the moment.
cheers guys