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Where to swing your coil.

In Auckland in the garden at the downtown carpark to the right of the exit walk thru door onto the street that may be the extension of customs st , to the alleyway beside , there are handfulls of coins and tokens , exposed or just below the surface . I spent some time there 6 months ago waiting for a taxi and found handfulls of stuff , but threw them back in and shuffled the dirt back ova it wen taxi arrived

Hi all. We are very new at this hobby so just wondering where one can go detecting. Are public parks allowed or do we need to get permission from council or similar?

We are in Chch by the way…forgot to mention.

Hi , I am Also pretty new to detecting and was asking the same question but I have done a lot of research and I am 99.999999% sure you are aloud to go detecting on most public land ( such as yes public parks and beaches ) as long as you don’t cause any damage and return all your workings and holes back to their original condition .
Good Luck Detecting .