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A52f sluice pros and cons?

Hi guys I have just bought a keene A52f sluice and was wondering if anyone has experience with them?
I plan to use in public fossicking areas and am curious to know pros and cons with classifying and how it goes with fine gold etc

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I’ve had the mini max highbanker with Keene miracle mat before and I didn’t like it at all, after 3rd time out I got rid of it I found even the smallest stone would dislodge And unsettle everything behind the riffles, if it would of been miners moss then the gold would of embedded itself deeper down, where as I found small gold throughout the miracle mat right down to the bottom which isn’t good! Looking back it might of just needed punch plate on top or classify everything down to 10mm,Truth is I hate classifying it’s a slow process not good for your back.

Oh OK that makes sense bugger!
Well I do have the ability to to return it and maby swap it for an a52 with traditional style rifles and moss. Do ya think I should while I can?

I like the fact the one you have folds up, I’d be half tempted to just modify the front to carpet, riffles and moss and leave the back as is to see if any losses occur (if it was me) but it’s all down to personal taste.
Even if you get the a52 you ideally need to change the shit green carpet that Keene seem to put in every sluice for a good moss system.
I just run the a51 and modified it to suit NZ


What have you used. I have an a52s which i want to modify asap

I ended up taking it back and I’ve ordered 10 inch dream mat and have a sheet metal guy cutting and folding me up an exact copy of the A52f body and il just do the bolts etc. It works out cheaper than buying a keene 1 by about 100$ and il have the ability to fold it in half so I should be right now. Cheers for advice tho.

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How’d you go about getting the A51 modded like that? Looks very good. I have a stock a51, so I’d need some different matting and then that mesh mod you’ve done somehow? Does it allow you to use it without classifying? I hate classifying.

Sorry this is an a51a bloody Keene and their silly codes, I changed the carpet first to miners moss, laid a 6mm punch plate on top of the riffles for the first section then welded spacers on top of that to suit the material coming through from the 10mm punch plate, the top screen I welded location tags on the front to clip to flare to hold it all in place.
It works a treat, no classification needed, large stones can’t disrupt and move gold out of the sluice anymore so my yield has increased and also retain more fly shit gold