A51 A52 and jobe foldable sluice all for sale or swap

i have to many sluices and these are not being used so i let them go they are all in very good condition i only used the jobe foldable sluice once it comes with carry strap let me know keen to swap or whatever…


Is the Jobe a carpet type? Got a picture

yes black ribbed carpet and deep inspection mat its a clssic deeper inspection mat at front of sluice check it out on line i paid 420.00 5years ago used it once has a carry strap its pretty cool man i send you photo in the morning

wing nuts all folds wing

how much for the a52 and wer pik up or can you send thanks jade

the a52 is 130. i live arthurs point queenstown

ok so the A52 is now been sold there is still the A51 and the jobe foldable for sale

i now also let you know that the jobe foldable sluice is on hold till 1pm tomorrow as there is a lady that is keen so i hold for her until then i update at 1pm tomorrow

How many sluices ca one bloke own?

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yes your right mate you should see just how many i think more than 10

Hey Danny how did you get on with the Jobe?

hi mate the jobe foldable sluice has been sold and the A52 there is still the A51 for sale

Hey Danno, did you end up selling all your sluices?

yes i did sorry mate