A week in march

Hi all

Taking a week of at the end of march looking at heading to the coast or otago depending on weather keen to hit the fossicking areas with my sluice box and pan whats people’s thoughts on the public areas or is there any claim holders that could be keen to work something out for a couple days panning and sluicing thanks for your time rock on


give me a pm if up my way we could go out together for a play

Gidday mate :slight_smile: I’ve panned and used my wee sluice on most of the public claims around otago and always come away with enough colour to keep me happy… sometimes even abit more than expected! Plus it’s a good place to meet like minded folk and share a yarn. Or a beer… enjoyable times and on a nice day can be somewhat social too!

Will do keith if im up that way thanks

Yeah mate you sure do meet some good people and have a good time

Spent last weekend up the moonlight great spot few guys living up there but had a yarn with them and sweet as got a bit of colour might head back there

Will probably head to the public areas on the coast should be good

I tried my hand at panning for the first time last month at the goldsborough fossicking area and came away with a bit of colour so might be worth heading there


Damn, thats pretty good for panning. Welldone.

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Think it was a case of beginners luck

That’s some nice Goldsborough gold, well done @DetectingNZ !

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