A 'Thing' poss military?

Off another site, but I’m intrigued. One for you @Lammerlaw maybe? image

Stamped: Patent Magazine


To be honest I did not know but when I see these things I ‘need to know’ so I have discovered that it is an Edwardian Patent Rifle Magazine Cigarette case to hold six cigarettes.
I think it’s great and I suspect that it is highly unusual and very scarce as I had never heard of one nor seen one…a great find!
I can’t cut and paste on tellingbone but will do so when I am near my PC


You must have a better search engine (or better keywords anyway). I will pass the info on, with due credit.

Google Chrome…my search engine is called brain…a decaying blob of Gray matter that sits inside the coconut husk that passes as a head.
It tries different combinations of likely words sometimes with surprising results.
As it was I only found the one reference and it was the auction site where one was offered for sale.


I would think that your find was definitely one of these though this might be fancier…I had to go relooking for it. Once I found it I copied and pasted the patent date and that gave me more references so here is a starter for you…it is fun finding out aobut things you find - not just for the finder but for me as well as I am curious and like knowing what these things are.

Yours does not appear to be one of the original pattern ones but none the less that is what it has to be as it is more or less the same except for the plating and end caps at both ends. Possibly well worth restoring carefully and putting it onto trademe. It probably had a cap or caps for the end and these are long since lost. In my opinion a good thing to find and described as ‘rare’

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Excuse me if i am being dense - So this was a cigerette case that fitted into a ammo boledier replacing a full stripper clip?

Yeah guys, making the discovery is one thing but researching what your discovery is another, I find the whole package is very addictive. We have a fantastic site here, 3 cheers to Gavin and the active members.:star_struck:


I think it was merely designed to be made in the form of a rifle bullet magazine and other than that no other connection to a rifle so anyone might buy one as it was only its design and shape that gave it the name ‘Rifle Magazine Cigarette Case’

Next question please - finding out these things is fun BECAUSE if we find them ourselves maybe one day then we will know what it is.


Agree. Number of times I’ve seen posts elsewhere (Yeah, sorry Gav) where someone has asked for an ID and Suddenly it clicks that I’ve got one of those in my “WotTheHellsIt?” box. Recent example was a parasol spoke rosette (the uppy-downy bit where all the spokes come to in the middle).

That, and the journey through identifying weird and obscure objects leading you down a path of tangents where you learn things you would never have come across otherwise. Most of which are bloody interesting.