A quick bit of confirmation on Fees

The Crown minerals site seems to state the fee payable is $2,530 (GST inclusive).

While this seems excessive I assume it is part of one size fits all in typical Govt fashion. Could anyone confirm I have read it right.

My prediction for the Election is that one bunch of bloody pollies will win and in the end the difference between them will very little. My pick is none of them will help the prospector, except the Greens. (they will make sure no miner works too hard)



yep unfortunately who ever gets in power will make no difference to us. gold fossicking isn’t a big enough lobby group to sway them and if it did it would be 10 years before anything happened.

We don’t have to worry about the greens now.
But if they did anything, it would only reduce government profits and drive hobby miners further underground.

To change things, there needs to be a focus on gaining tourist revenue from gold fossicking.
Anything that increases regional income, and tourist $$ will have more political interest-sway.