A possible change?

What’s everyone’s thoughts on trying to get a change of conditions to public fossicking areas for the use of highbankers?
Australia who have a much stricter environmental policy than us are able to use them!
The main reason aussies like them is water flow issues and lack of water in general, we have similar issues in the public areas, low flow and ebbing rivers, or dangerous fast flowing areas.
I feel highbankers would be a more enjoyable experience for oldies and family’s, set it up to a comfortable height away from the dangers of waterways! Maybe an allowance of battery bilge pump only to stem the baddies from trying to dredge?
Any thoughts or ways this can be implemented to NZPAM?


I think this is more of a DOC concern, rather than NZPAM. DOC is the one with all the public fossicking areas and are the ones setting the rules I believe.

Would be nice to run highbankers though.

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I was talking to a doc ranger here in greymouth a couple weeks ago and he said that people digging into banks or out of the river bed is there bigest concern.
They may see it as a possibility that it might stem more of this

It would be great but with the amount of bank digging going on and the tendency of people to push the boundaries couldn’t see doc allowing it! :thinking:

wont happen. DOC dont want us there anyway so they wont make any changes that could possibly worsen what they see as damage we cause. dont know how many times i have asked gold related questions to various govt departments and they just arent interested. not enough of us to get any political reactions.

Best wait for the syndicated claim to establish itself then😂 I don’t see why DOC are so concerned about banks being dug out, I’ve seen the arrow wash out whole roads in a storm, rivers move by nature. One can only dream hey…


The flood up Louis Creek in December was fine example. There was more rock moved than any people are going to do!

Up in the coromandel and surrounding areas the streams are managed by the areas district council not DOC which I find interesting, that came from DOC themselves,in the coromandel district, I was trying to find out what mercury levels were (if any) in certain streams that were being put forward to PAM/MBIE as possible fossicking areas for the North Island,which is still on going,no new updates info as yet.

yep. that was my argument to but thats natural not man made erosion apparently. they are a bunch of power crazy pricks and nzpam are the same but replace power crazy with money hungry.


Doc would have to ask there masters the forest and twetty bird folk, and withat in mind I think you would have the same chance of a cold drink in the sahara

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Ok if you are Oceanagold though with deep pockets. You can generally get what you want & all that NZ gold goes overseas. Raping & pillaging our resources. Who is the big loser?? Makes me sick.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: