A newbies finds in New Plymouth

This is my first ever posting.

Just thought I would share my finds after an hour detecting in a New Plymouth playground while my two preschool grandsons were happily playing.


Be careful…its a deadly addiction known to cause severe withdrawl symptoms, Anxiety and depression when you are in the middle of no where and the batteries have all gone flat!

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Focus on areas such as where you got the center ancient ring pull from.
You’ll likely find older stuff there.
Often bushy-overgrown places were once grass areas frequented by people, are difficult to detect and skipped over by other detectorists.

Keep hunting, and put in an entry:

Welcome to the hobby :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m really enjoying it.

Yeah. I think I’ve already been bitten by the bug. It’s very contagious. I’m already annoyed that the weather hasn’t been very obliging.

Im a grandma too and about to purchase our (and grandad) first detector tomorrow. We’re going for a Minelab X-Terra705. First we’re going to check out our backyard as house built in 1910 so may be something or interest out there. We can’t wait to get started!

the old back yard trick. tried the same in my yard boy did I find some junk. the most interesting was an old engineers vice wasn’t a small one either. must have been a dump yard for old cars I think I could have built a whole car out of the shit I found, even a couple of horse shoes.

I can see that I am going to have to set myself up as Councillor due to the number of Detectorholics that are developing - a sure sign of dectectoholism is unmade beds, unwashed clothes and dishes, grubby house (like mine) hiding in corners gloating over old bottle tops, pull tabs and sundry discarded rubbish, borrowing heavily to buy a five thousand dollar safe to put in your corroded pennies, half pennies and rusted decimals, finding five silvers and from that day on perving over the silver prices on internet.
Welcome to the club you guys - its a great hobby and half the fun is getting out there doing it and the expectation of finding goodies. I now find that the finding of goodies is secondary to a ‘Grand day out’ - Title here taken from A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit (1080p) - YouTube
No it has nothing to do with metal detecting but hey if you dont allow a distraction now and again then detectorholism councilling will be expensive!

I haven’t even been out once but already I’m addicted to the YouTube posts of others finding their ‘treasures’ There’ll be no stopping me!! lol

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Poor partner - hes going to be left with the cooking, putting the ten kids to put to bed, house cleaning, washing and everything else while you arrive home well after dark, disheveled, unkempt and looking for all the world like Mad madam Mim with a bucket full of pull tabs, nuts, bolts, tin cans, washers, bottle tops and with a bit of luck the odd coin or two - long past a spending date, oxidized and worthless - but treasure none the less.
Keep it up - nothing like a good keen man/woman!