A new coil for the GPZ 7000 - the GPZ 19 Super-D Coil

Minelab is pleased to announce that the much anticipated GPZ 19 Super-D Coil will be available for purchase from the 14th November in Australia (and soon after in other regions)! The GPZ 19 has been designed to maximise the performance of your GPZ 7000 and give a significant depth increase over the standard GPZ 14 coil.


I wonder why they didn’t offer this when the GPZ was initially released?
Difficult to get all the balancing correct I suppose?

I’ve a feeling that the GPZ coil is just a twin DD coil ie. two parallel vertical detection fields.
And if you can’t switch out different coils then it is quite restrictive for the price of the thing.

ZVT sounds like the real technology behind the thing (though GPS location mapping and rain resistance, along with a compact detector are all great factors).
I’d still love to have a chance to play with one.
The ozzy’s seem to be getting decent hauls, I wonder if any NZr’s can tell us how they fair in comparison to a GPX?

Love my 7000 , It works well in NZ . The thing I’ve notes is the deep, with the gpx5000, has been over a side of a hill and found zip, there I run over that same hill and pulled out six nice pits, and the man with the gpx was impressed. and it picks up small pits too. I mean small like 0.0 grams PS I haven’t hate that big piece so I can retire. maybe this year

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I guess you’ll be investing in the larger coin then :slight_smile:

Maybe l 've had a play with the 19 super coil, and the thing I noticed is the weight. its heavy & our ground here in nz ant flat, we have bush or tussock and step hills, Not saying I would want one, Put the 14" works well for me at the moment