A little off subject but lots of gold

hmmmm.not gold mining but a good watch if you like the look of gold Gold from the Deep - The Salvage of the Century, Salvaging HMS Edinburgh - YouTube

Got me thinking… are there were any shipwrecks in NZ still holding gold and came up with this… story of the Niagara which was mined by the Germans in the Huaraki Gulf in 1940…no shit!!
Went down with 590 Gold ingots…they salvaged 555 in 1941 and another 30 in 1957 but there are still 5 down there!!
Weighing in at around 2000 ounces worth 3.7 milion dollars…but before you grab your tanks n plasma cutter there is one catch…its at 125 mtrs…squezzzzzee…too deep!!
Anyone know about this wreck.

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Yeah i looked at diving it I am a Techinical Diver and Niagara is well within my ability.
The last guys i know off who dived her did so in 2003?ish and wrote an article about for one of the NZ dive magazines.
Trouble is all wrecks in NZ belong to someone and the Bank of England owns the Niagara and the remaining gold and you need their permission to dive her.
Theres a couple of good books on the Niagara. personally i think theres only 4 bars remaining. My theory is that the some of crew who were only on wages managed to perk one.
Link to the last expedition on the Niagara
And an article but not the one i am remembering.


I remember hearing something about a ship sinking up north with a silver pay role on board in the 1800’s. Can’t remember the name sorry.

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Then theres the SS Ventnor. Rumour has it those coffins are chock full of gold being smuggled back to China.
Unfortunatly the bureaucrats got involved and the whole thing stopped. Dispite the support from the Chinese Govt.