A little bit more Pilbarra gold

All of this gold was detected with a Minelab 2000. These old detectors are still one of the best models Minelab made. There is approx 12kg of gold


That is pretty damn cool! :slight_smile:

Thats 6.4 million dollars NZ…wow!

My eyes are popping :heart_eyes:

You are one decimal point off, but it’s still a lot of gold!!!

all of the big nuggets are in excess of 9oz. That is a full size sheet of news paper they are on

I don’t know what type of calculater you are using. when I work it out this is what it comes to
12000 grms divided by 31.10 grms per ounce = 385.85 ounces multiplied by gold price $1333.00 dollars per ounce = $514,340.83

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Great work , puts a smile on my head looking at that. Will be heading out this summer myself, never had a look over here . WA

Yes I should refrain from making random calculations before I’ve had a coffee in the morning!..lol

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How long did it take to get all that ?
Well done.

Wow. And once again - Wow.


3-4 years. we had a bulldozer and cut tracks then detected it. also knocked over the old piles previous miners had left and detected them

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awesome,awesom,awesom, great stuff,nicest gold ive seen for a long time,excellent retirement fund :money_mouth:

update 16/1/17
1694 per ounce