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A land hunt today

gday from oz,tried a land hunt today beaches a waste of time too much sand,had a suprise whilst cherry picking dollar coins from the trash,scored some army stuff,a second rising sun and a shoulder flash,probably ww 2 era,also a naafi knife,enjoyed it for a change.good luck.


I have always considered militaria finds as ‘prime finds’ and so I think you found some real treasures. In fact I am jellyarse…love finding that stuff.

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Good score mate beaches the same up here

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next rising sun is yours lammerlaw

Great finds - Anything from, or associated with, a major conflict always has a strong emotive edge to it (for me). Even if it was lost in training, the fact that the owner was likely on their way overseas on a ‘Tour’ and may not have returned…

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these rising suns are hard to date ,and no wonder they are hard to find they ring up the same id as dollar coins they must have been lots of them dug.

Sweet badge! Love those commonwealth relics.

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