A hypothermic 2.5 grams

Work dropped off so took advantage of the good weather to hit the claim and try and work out where to dredge next time…


Was a bit too keen - still too bloody cold in the water!!


Nice looking gold tho, even if you did get chilled out. Were you running a hot water system or braving it.

Cheers Trev

I was a little over confident in my 7 mm wettie thinking it would keep me warm as I’m usually too hot and need to flush water through to cool me down :stuck_out_tongue:

No hot water system - they scare me a bit from some of the horror stories I’ve heard!

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Good work Gavin, some good motivation for when it warms up

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Great looking gold Gav, your a lot braver than me! The plus side is that you had the courage and you found that gold, no one else. Have never yet found anything of that size on display. Cheers, Ben.

Brave or foolish - I’m not sure! :stuck_out_tongue: