A Few Silvers I still have 1981 - 1990

Considering I began metal detecting about 1981 I should have more silvers - well silver DID go up to 20 times face value for New Zealand pre 1964 silver coins and even more for British coins - and so I sold them all. Hundreds and hundreds. Since then I have not really gone looking for silver coins but the few I have found are shown here PLUS the very best I kept from my early days metal detecting. These are by no means all I still have as some were so good that they went into coin albums and I cannot identify the metal detector ones form others so these are the loose ones I know I found with a garret Deepseeker detector I bought in 1981. The British Half crown and florin came from my grandparents property and are now part of my coin collection as are the silvers inplastic pockets. Their home was a soldiers rehabilitation and Rest home during and after WWI and belonged to a wealthy Dunedin family - it was their holiday ‘home’ - a big colonial double story place at Waikouaiti. The yard was a treasure trove of goodies!


nice collection lammerlaw! its always awesome to find a bit of silver. some of that stuff is so hard to find a few to tick off the bucket list there! if you ever feel like having a look some where for a few more I and a few other guys are always keen!

nice silvers whats the one top left at the side of the nz halfcrown florin size looks like its got liberty on it,french,american?

It is French - A 1932 Ten franc coin. The oldest coin I have found is the ancient six pence in the top right hand corner. It is 18th Century I think or maybe even 17th Century.

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I am very much a loner when it comes to going to look for things and hardly ever go metal detecting for coins now as my time is mostly spent metal detecting for gold.

dont see too many 18th century coins in nz only had half a dozen in years of detecting and they were in a spot no more than 50 mts in diameter .

Not many are found at all BUT it is surprising what IS found - a half farthing behind the mantle piece of the White House in Waikouaiti for example. In the earliest days of the sealers and whalers as far as money was concerned ‘anything went’ and although it is very unusual for anything perhaps older than the 1820s to tun up it still happens. The 1926 shilling shown in the photo is one of two of that year I found. Both well worn. Where the other one is I have no idea but I still must have it. I also found a third of the same year but that was in a cupboard and not metal detecting.
The date on the earliest coin I cannot read but it is George II so has to be 1727 through to 1760 so how it got here I hazard to guess.