A few questions from an Alaskan miner looking to enjoy your beautiful country in my off season

Hello all, my name is Jeff and I’ve been dredging the fortymile in Alaska for 18yrs off and on, largely recreationally (4" proline), but we’ve upgraded to a custom 8" recently. I just sold my business to satiate my gold fever and I’d like to work toward being one of the lucky folks that can extend their season to include beautiful New Zealand. I spent 4yrs w you wild and wonderful Kiwis in college in Leadville CO and I never forgot the stories and beautiful photos!! I’ve been looking into this for some time and it seems very doable, legally speaking. My questions are largely claim availability, bond amounts and general feasibility. I’m currently driving to Seattle from the east coast and on through California and could fly out of LAX within 6 weeks. What are you guys and girls thoughts?! Thank you all, -Jeff Young

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be prepared for a wait. not just a matter of paying a fee and going for it. lots of bureaucracy here but good luck if you do have a go.

Thank you Guss, I’ll happily wait but I’ll try like hell! I appreciate the
response all the same, hope to cross paths some day! -Jeff Young