A few different badges , can anyone ID the NZ one?

I’ve picked up a few badges recently and although I know most of them
I can’t find anything about the NZ badge. Anyone got any ideas?

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nice badges,not seen the silver fern one before,looks like theres something missing from the middle bit,it maybe still in the hole waiting for you to find it,good luck

Yeah I’m not sure what might have been in the middle but there wasn’t anything else that the detector picked up in or around the hole unfortunately.

RNZAF oxford trainer B9 NZ252 maybe?

Hi and thanks for the interesting possible ID.
I found the badge on the Eastern side of ChCh in an old school grounds and it’s always been a bit of a puzzle as to what it could be for.

B9 seems to be some sort of Golf ‘thing’ many references to B9 championships and tournaments on the web.
Centre characters may have been enamel.

I don’t do golf, so can’t confirm.