A few days at 12 Mile Stream

Just an entry to encourage all you members with sluice boxes and shovels sitting in your shed to get out and visit the Public Fossicking Sites and enjoy what we have here in Kiwi Land. Spent 3 days in the creek (gentleman’s hours) and was rewarded with some of that glistening stuff. Lake Wakatipu was warm enough to swim in. Good camping just a few minutes walk from the stream at 12 Mile Delta doc camp site. :sunglasses:


Beautiful, good going mate. Hope you stir up some competitive replies.

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Some nice flakes there Nuggetned…hard won I bet…very cool!!

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Hey we’re about a down 12 mile creek Do you suggest I go I’m currently in Queenstown and ready to get out and do it tomorrow for the next few days

the further up the creek you go the bigger the gold gets, the closer to the camp ground the more the area has been scavenged but plenty of fine gold in the entire creek by the looks of it, the arrow river at arrowtown is also good, if not better and also a public fossicking area so i’m told.


Results of a few days in the arrow. Lots of people in the river this summer trying their luck with varied success, still plenty of colours to be had.


Woah that really sparkles! Nice n chunky.

Had a great 3 days at 12 mile creek over the xmas break 5.2g love the place :slight_smile:


WOW nice hole. That’s a decent reward, you gonna finish digging the other 11 miles up this summer?


Would love too lol. But only once a year trip that :joy:


Great to see you got rewarded for your efforts, nice clear water to work in, were there many others in the creek while you were there?

Didn’t see anyone at all this year!


Good effort rio-sue. Nice to see you were rewarded with 5 grams of the good stuff.

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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