A few colours for about six hours work

About six hours work on my place a while back.The ginger Jar lid is three inches across.


Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.

yeah very nice,some nuggety bits there,just keep at it.

Its getting toward the end of the summer dream - age, arthritis, hernia, hip and the Grim reaper are all catching up on me.

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The one and only Lammerlaw. He returnth at last.Welcome back you old rascal

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Aw ta Kiwigold but it might be only a fleeting visit according to mood and circumstances.

If that’s just a few colors I love to see what it’s like when you get a good strike… for 6 hrs man that is freeking awesome!

I just found my comparison photo - I think 60 grams however before I weighed it I had given away about five grams.


Good to hear from again, and great to see some decent colour, I’m salivating! I wish I was rewarded for 6 hours with that kind of return!!

Nice gold! Good to see you are still out there doing it

Wow thats really nice looking gold! …great natural shapes!

If thats the lid…what does the jar look like!!..lol!..good one Lammerlaw!

Yes wondered where you had got to Lammerlaw, welcome back lookin forward to hearing what you have been up to.

This is CRAZY! :smile:

Did you find this while panning, or were you using a dredge? Man, I really wish I had a honey hole like that lol :sweat_smile:

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It was not a money hole but rather just ‘one of those places’ and one of the better days in the last few years as I dont get too much now - not like the past when I did average an similar to that every weekend. Actually I think there is a lot more just below there at this point you see in the photo but hard to get into but hoping to this year - am working on it.

I forgot to say that the first wee bit was found with my metal detector and after that no gear was needed except fingers and hand to brush gravel aside.

Up on the bank on the left quite a few small nuggets were found sitting there.


Looks like a great spot! The surroundings are just amazing, I mean, who wouldn’t like to dig there. It looks like a scene straight out of an adventure movie. Finding gold would just be a plus in addition to the nature experience, a big plus though :slight_smile:

havent been up to much - the golden era for gold fossicking for me is probably past as I havent got the enthusiasm like I used to - or have I still got enthusiasm but the body is on strike? More metal detecting now and shooting holes in things. Thanks for the welcome back but for how long we shall wait and see. I am often away nowdays and cant get onto computer so easily so that will mean gaps in my visits here!

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Mal - this is the jar the top came with

Wow that’s an interesting jar! Its really nice that you share your knowledge and photos.I just got a loan of a detector and can’t wait to give it a go mind you I’m not the reading instructions type so I’ll grab some knowledgeable sidekick!!

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Never read a manual for anything yet - ADHD, impatience, lack of interest in manuals and an inherent knowledge that I can do anything mean that manuals are a waste of time - with my Garrett Deepseeker, Minelab Xtreme and Goldbug it was all trial and error but you get there - besides when the manual is written in such technical language that you need to be a geniarse to read it then rest well assured that the trial and error method is actually quicker in learning the skills.

The Chinese ginger jar was found on a gold claim I once had together with a nice Codds Patent bottle and other bottles.


Mate it is so great to see you posting on here again. Are you still adding to you impressive collection?? Sorry I haven’t kept contact with you but one of our kids drowned the computer and we lost everything incl all email addresses. Doh.
Need to chat with you about a part for one of my Stevens Favourite and maybe some ammo if you have any to sell.