A day out finding some gold/solace

Had an awesome day out crevacing in a fav spot of Keith and mine…got some nice gold too!!!


Did you say gold - I am jellyarse!

Hi Cas hope you got my share to.looks like
a lovely day and place.

Yep. Always get gold there. Had a wonderful day.

Good for you Caz. Photos of the gold please. :blush:

I got a bit my self today… LOL :joy:… gold that is. Went out at about 1pm this arvo for a quick detect & home by 4 to watch the America’s Cup racing that became a non event. Got 6 pieces all up but lost one when I was doing my weigh up. Damned if I can find it.

This 1.4 gram piece was down quite deep.


Was a beautiful weekend for getting out there looking for gold. I bet Keith was smiling down on you.

Hope all is well.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Come on Graeme…you get your share…oh & gold too. :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes but my share now days is a pittance - gold that is and my share of anything else is non existing.

Nice pieces!! I’ll take a snap later off for a cuppa

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Be careful - you know what the main drag of New York is like dont you - you cant move! You might start a gold rush - so many people that the West Coast sinks another metre! All jostling to pan your possie!

Here is the ‘mother lode’ !!! LOL. ot bad for a couple of baby pans!!


Not bad at all - Doing better than I am…seriously.

At least you’ve secured a bit over the years and have all the memories matey!! XXX

What are memories? Dont ask me for my definition because the answer is one word.

Very nice Caz. Beautiful colour. Thanks for the pic. :+1:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I think I recognise that spot!? Did you manage to drive all the way in? I thought some of the 4wd access road had washed out.

A truly awesome spot if that’s where I think it is and originally met you guys.

I flew in on my step mother broomstick!!! LOL. It is only 8 k in. Still worth it. Yep the track is pretty compromised but using the river detour that Keith and I put in is still the only way to get in past the second clearing.

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Memories are those brain flashes that give you night mares or day mares if you are attending the races!!