A bit of b'day gold dredging

I really haven’t gotten out much this summer, but managed to get out for finding my own b’day pressie last weekend…


nice and chunky coarse well done mate happy b-day young fella


Lovely work Sir
A March birthday shared with myself and I did the same thing
Many happy returns

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good birthday pressie Gavin! :grinning:

Nice Gavin, :+1: Happy birthday. :birthday: :beers:

Bit better than my fly poop gold find today with the 10" X coil.

.06 of a gram :roll_eyes:

It was a banging signal & at the depth of nearly 4" smashing into schist bedrock I swore it was going to be quite a bit bigger than what it turned out to be. I thought…Na…has to be another bit. But no…that was it.

Beautiful day & spot

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Love the look!! LOL. Well done you. Very bright stuff. The summer has been a bit of a dull one. Autumn might be a goodie!

Nice spot. Some times the vista dulls the sense of despair when you find no gold!!


That’s bloody impressive finding such small pieces though. I sometimes find those fly shits hard to pinpoint when out!

Hi Gavin, That is where the Gold Monster comes in handy. :wink:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I must have been spoilt once upon a time because if the gold Monster picks up something in the gravel and l dont readily locate it l just leave it there to get bigger.
I have also had the Gold Monster almost screaming only to find that it’s not that huge nugget but l have to admit that the GM beats them all for the small stuff.

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I thought de spair was what you threw at de fishes!

It most certainly is!! Ay news from down your way? The lads up here are doing quite nicely on the beaches as well as in the river.

Nothing going down here. Going to take off for an Easter sojourn into Central to see what l can get if l dont go to my place…had two different groups at my place and they went away happy but it was hard work.

Sounds good. Got a house full for a bit here but there are still a few spots handy for playing in. Watched an interesting doco on gold in Scotland once spot looked familiar. The gold there is quite a nice shade. Enjoy your weekend away.

Wish the weekend away was up your way but it wont be that far. As long as there as spot to pan, detect and pillage I dont mind.

Exactly. Enjoy yourself. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

You are a living legend Graeme… write a book; I’ll pre order 10 copies!

Not so sure about that…my first book is going to be ‘Famous quotations of a Madman’ - quotation 1. Its a bastard to unroll forty foot of toilet paper only to find that it was a clean job and no paper work was required’

Due to a lack of Statute of Limitations Im afraid I could not include everything I want into a book such as the story of the retarded beetle which died an untimely but violent death in the hut. Maybe I could tell about ventilating the ceiling using a coal range and a cup of white spirits or the new years celebration that nearly burnt Central Otago with a gas cylinder fireball and had four mates all trying to kill each other to get through the hut door after a certain person who shall remain anonymous decided to celebrate the new year with a vast explosion, or the Possum that died in the Landrover amidst a hail of gunfire which improved the ventilation of the cab to no small degree, or the screaming meemee - did you know that ordinary gelignite placed in the centre of a 44 gallon drum will explode and create a screaming smoke ring that spirals in on itself while shrieking as it ascends out of sight up into the sky BUT Powergel Blows the drum to pieces while achieving the same results.
Ps - John - bring 44 gallon drums!
Nope the book is better left unwritten.


You are not the first & wont be the last to ask Graeme to write a book. I think it would take him the rest of his life time to write it, & even then it wouldn’t get finished. So you wouldn’t be able to read the last page first.

That can be arranged…or is that…deranged? I looked up deranged & it said, Mad, insane. “a deranged gunman”. Now who does that sound like??? :joy:

Found a crevice full of fun late this arvo. No Graeme…not that kind of crevice.
This kind.

E-biked in

Old timer workings. Stacked rocks, turned over ground & tailing races.

But they never got it all

6 little golden bits of joy initally.

Then for no other reason when I was getting no more signals I just kept digging the crevice out & three more came to light for a total of 9. All out of the one crevice. Imagine what the old timers got.

That was better than a poke in the eye with a blunt gorse stick. :laughing:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


that looks good - not bad at all. I must get out more. I love crevicing - in all its forms.