8 month mark of digging

Hi guys sat down yesterday after emptying out gloveboxes plastic bags and Ute floor so this is 8 months of detecting all thats missing is $ 140 in $1 $2 coins


That’s quite the haul, what are the rings? any makers marks? golds or 925’s?

3 are 9k 5 are 925 and a couple of junkas one ofthe silvers have quite a big emerald still hunting for the big one lol

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Hi chris,nice finds there,the 9k rings are a bonus,the stuff is out there,just not under my coil at the moment::disappointed:,good luck for future hunts.

Thanks Mate the odd ring stops me getting divorced my wife always checks that I have dirt under me fingernails after a hunt

Good job Chris, your doing well. Impressive pile of rings as well :+1:

Nice work. Hopefully you fill up your glove compartment again very soon!

Choice load, :v: is that a whistle below the spoons?

Yip found out the back of 1890’s farm house

That whistle looks identical in shape to an old Police one our family has. Any markings?

Ha ha man that is so laid back :walking_man:

Cool layout Chris. Happy hunting.


Hey do you use a certain mode when using your ace? I manly in coin mode just curious

I always hunt in All Metal Mode for several reasons.
Firstly as you can hear whats in the ground rather than looking at the screen. Whether it be iron or other. The Ace machines have very good iron discrimination.
I dig just about all targets and when theres not much around i start diggin iron.
Then theres the targets that bounce from say iron to silver - tricky ones - they are either beer lids or bolts. And or a deep target.
Sometimes if the ground is heavily laiden with iron - enough to drive you nuts - then i will switch to Jewelry Mode.

Hunting in anything but All Metal Mode will lead to missed targets for sure.
Hope this helps.


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Cool well done, i take it the spoons are all silver do they have any hallmarks on the back of them?