7 grams sniping

Here’s a bit of gold I got for a week of sniping up and down a river (don’t ask which one :stuck_out_tongue: )…

I was hoping for a bit more, but was good fun regardless!


Which river Gav…lol

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Nice gold Gavin, does the river have a name?

Didnt anyone see the obvious clue on the base of the gold pan. Why its obviously Coal Island,Preservation inlet. Lol. Cheers Trev


Goodone, can’t name a nameless river!

Not bad for the Shenandoah river😜

just got to know where you were

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Bloody good work Gav! :slight_smile: hola if your ever around Otago. Maybe go for a poke around or a beer !

I’m going to be a bit secret squirrel about which river I found it in :wink:

@kiwigold - lol, I like your thinking. I wish!

@vinniejacksondn - Cheers. So where are you based just in case I pass through?

Nice little collection you have there, how many grams would this be?

7 grams spot on. Guess you missed the title :stuck_out_tongue:

It was all that bling in the pan. It tends to have that effect on me.