$64 Sand Scoop / shovel works very well

I made this sand scoop / shovel for $64.
All it took was a little time to make it. The Cyclone shovel was square-nosed and can be bought from Mitre 10 Mega.

I got the idea from http://www.goldfinders.com.au
They have videos on how to make it and them using it in most of their videos.


That’ll shift some sand!

Might want a few more holes if you can do it without weakening it?

LoL what are you digging up, a car?

I would love to own a proper sand scoop, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen in the very near future. I had no one that wanted to help me to make one either. So, this metal detecting woman wasn’t about to be defeated, so I had to improvise and make something simple by myself. (Actually, it was the first that I have ever used a drill and saw).


Good on ya. :+1:
It’ll be a lot lighter than a scoop too.

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It looks very professionally made. Perhaps you would consider putting one up for sale on here or trademe.
I often use a regular heavy spade in one hand, so if these are lighter than a regular scoop as mudwiggle says, they could be the go with salty detectorists.

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Although that is a nice tidy unit I suspect you would be shifting about 3 times as much sand and rocks as you need to.

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