6” hose for sale

4.45m length of 6” spiralite 194 series hose. Same hose that is used on proline dredges. Good condition with no splits, stored out of the sun. Only had about 50 hours of use, was used as an extension to my main hose. Located Wanaka

Looking for $600

Also have a proline hose bullet available for $100 which I used as a joiner.

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Hi you wouldn’t happen to have a proline 6" jet flair and power jet you would like to sell? Searching for one to change my 5" proline to 6"

No sorry, can’t help with that

Hey man do you still have the bullet for sale?

Yes, it’s still available

Will take it. Ill PM you

Hi mate.
Is the 6 inch hose still available?

No the hose has sold sorry