6 grams & a 1897 Victorian Penny

Got away for a few days reccie mission with the detector.

Found a nice wee spot sprinkled with gold, and no trash! Pulled out 6 grams myself and my mate got a good few grams as well. Was swinging the SDC 2300 & also had a play with my mates EQUINOX 800 using the 6 inch coil. Was pretty impressed with the EQUINOX, might have to treat myself to a new toy!

Bonus… also found a very stream worn 1897 Victorian penny.


Can you spot the cheeky wee nug doing a bit of sun baking in the middle?


A great sample - typical West Coast gold. Reminds me of Buller gold from away back in the 1970s.

Yep, west coast gold it is :wink:

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Yes sir I know! Very typical of West Coast gold. Rather nice gold. I used to swap gold for goodies I wanted but I did keep some of my West Coast gold simply because it was attractive.

Nice going Gav. Good on you mate.
Best of luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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