6” dredge parts

Has anyone out there got any spares for a 6” dredge? I’m after flare and suction nozzle, or jet nozzle with single inlet. Also looking for pontoons

what price range have you got in mind

For what? To make or buy.

to get made or buy and what area are you

I’m in Queenstown, no budget as such, I just want reliable working parts. Only other option is import if all else fails

hope the photo comes out
i just finished this and its for someone in central ,im sure a couple of hours i can build you what you after,at the same time ill go have a look if ive got spare for 6inch

Is that an infinity jet? Pm me and we can discuss what I’m after

it is mate has other bite to go with it can be dismentled to dredge even were there is less water you can conect a pump with a long hose and even throw it under water a few ideas under the sleeve.ill pm you my contact

Wow…that’s some really nice work there Shep…work of art there mate!!!

thanks mate well i try ive made a dredge thats one of a kind that ill be using this season ill be posting videos first week of november

it doesnt look like 6" tho. Gav i have suction nozzle with reduced inlet of 4.5 that fits on 6" pipe, idea is to not have blockages, and 9hp motor to driving P500, both not being used atm, with a selection of boxes and some pontoons. oops have i almost described a six inch dredge laying around my paddock.