6" dredge build

Anybody know of an outfit that builds dredges in the south island? 2nd hand 6’’ models seem rare as rocking horse shit at the moment.

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Does Dan at dredgenz not have stock?

Not back then. But he did manage to get the model I wanted from the states. Bless him.

I got 6 inch Keen Dredge brand-new only ever been used once also got shaker table with a fever all in brand-new condition

What price you after?

Offers depends if you want just the Dredge or shaker table with feeder i’m busy trying to send some pictures can’t figure it out might have to wait to my kids to get home

Just the dredge mate

After offers do you have Messenger I can send some pictures I can’t figure out how to send them on here

Hi mate have sent you a private message via paydirt

What size is the shaker table?

What’s the price on the dredge ? Has it got a 3 stage sluice ?

Sorry it’s been sold yes it did have 3 stage it was brand new

It’s a rp4 shaker table just google it and it should tell you every think you need to know comes with custom-made table it sits on and custom made feeder made by professionals