6.5oz nugget found west coast

For those who aren’t on any Facebook gold groups, this guy is selling a nugget found over the weekend. A monster by New Zealand Standards found west coast.


That’s a few rings worth…!

What a beautiful specimen!

What a find, good to see something that big getting found over here in NZ! :slight_smile:

There’s a bit more info he’s posted on another forum:

Wow, that is a beauty! I am planning a trip to head to the West Coast this month, so what an incentive to go and do some hard grind! And get familiar with my new Equinox 800. Cheers, Ben.

Looks like he’s sold it now…

I would sell it, would be hard to let it go though …

Nugget is going to be on seven sharp on channel one 7.00pm tonight

and let the gold rush begin. be a good time to be selling metal detectors. lol


Yep the rush is on. I mentioned a find on here couple years ago. Was told not to do it again. Amount of people since then has more than trebled I was told. Internet does that. Sort of like giving away your spot X. Car park becomes full afterwards

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The store owners at Ross will be pleased. And the new motor park at Ross will be full next summer. See you there!

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Video from Seven Sharp: Amateur prospector talks about ‘surreal’ moment he discovered $20k gold nugget in a West Coast creek bed

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Gold like that behind Hoki i dont think so behind Ross yes.

Yep! Like I said behind ROSS. My bet is the fossicking area. After what happened when this nugget became known I don’t think any more kiwis will talk about nugget finds again.

yep would have had to been found in a fossicking area , questions would have been asked other wise.

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has anyone heard if there is still a rush on there or has it quietened down now.

rush on ??? hey its the west coast never a rush over here. don’t even have enough time for a hard on


I am sure that if I came over I might get a bit of ’ hard luck’ From long past experience some of the women over there are very adept at inducing a hard on…no Viagra required.