5" hose. Who needs some?

I’m Looking at ordering some 5" hose. The only problem is it takes up to 3 months to get here.
Just seeing if anyone else might be interested in buying some as I need to buy a 30m roll. The cost is $130 a meter. This is the same hose sold with proline dredges and if you ask me, the best hose money can buy. If I get a rock jam I take my crowbar and smash the hose until it’s free. Any other hose I have done that on just splits. After 10 years of using the same hose, it’s time to get a new one. Anyone else out there need some?

This hose is sold for $200+GST by other retailers.

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Only 2 lenghts left. 6m long. Anyone else interested send me a message.

1 length left. 6m long. Selling for $130m. Same hose sells for $200+gst/m at other suppliers.
Send me a message if your needing some.

It’s good stuff that hose. Use it too. Just a 3 metre length at present and it’s heavy as hell but strong as. Never managed to get the bend out of mine even after strapping it to a plank in the hot sun. 3 metres fits nicely in my hilux tray. Am looking at moving to a 6 metre length but have no idea how I’d transport it as its so rigid. I’ve also got the ducting stuff that’s green and black but it’s ribbed on the inside and a lot thinner and softer and easier to catch rocks in. I’m now considering a lightweight option that is smooth inside but am failing to see anything available. Keen for ideas.

A 6m legnth coils up ok, just use a short motorbike tie down to hold it in the coil.
I can fit 6m of 5" hose in back of my prado easily so hilux shouldnt be a worry.

I bought mine from a place in timaru I think it was. Is what you got white or grey ribs? Mines white. Wonder if its a different make. It’s sold as hell what I’ve got. Walls of it must be 10mm thick. No way I can coil it. It barely bends enough to fit in my hilux tray.

Proline dredge hose, the stuff goldstamp has is same as proline it has white spiral.
When dredge got flown in last month we coiled it up in a wool fadge with other gear. Sounds like you have a heavier version, had green spiral 4inch from a local store and same thing not very flexi and wouldnt coil.

sorry not a very good photo of it. The 5 inch hose I have is clear with white ribs. The inside half under the coil section is clear and 6 mm thick. It’s as heavy as hell and that’s just a 3 metre length.

That may be a little different then what I have. Mine is 11 years old and I am only replacing it because everything is such a fuck around to order these days.
When i get a rock jam I just give it a bash with my crow bar. Never split it yet. But I keep it stored away from the sun when not in use.