5 grams of West Coast Vitamin G

Had a sniping reccie over the weekend to try and find a few new spots to drop the dredge in on the claim. Was quite happy with the results :slight_smile:


nice gold gav , im lacking in vitamin G to busy bloody working

Nice Gavin gotta love a bit of summer time fun :sunglasses:

Looking good Gavin, time to take the dredge in and clean up.

got to be having us on that’s just cornflakes . ill go and make sure for you if you like. when I can walk again

You broken yourself mate? :frowning:

Cornflakes - did you say cornflakes? Do you like cornflakes - now that is VERY suspicious.


Oh and as for the gold - bloody marvellous but they worry me - looks just like cornflakes as Keith infers! I have to agree with Dr Kellog those cornflakes would most certainly prevent unsavoury habits and both Keith and I could do with a feed of Dr Kellogs as it saves you from indulging in unsavioury habits - can we come next time you go!!!

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spoon in one hand and something in the other. I love my cornflakes. 3x per day, breakfast dinner and tea and sometimes supper.

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Nice Gavin. Well done.

Did someone mention Cornflakes? Bit of detected Otago gold.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey thats Looks great!!! Otago.really If you Go again one Day could you Take me Out a Day maybe …got an own dedector but never found a piece of Gold :frowning: with IT…Looks Like you know what you doing ;)! …Best Regards !

@kiwijw now that’s an impressive breakfast!

Have some of your cornflakes got mercury on them? Some look a bit greyish.

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now that’s a feed of cornflakes

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Hi Gavin. No, those grey bits are quartz pieces with gold in them. Had a fun day saturday just gone. A few more to add to the collection.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Sorry Goldfox but I do not take complete strangers to places that I find gold. If you think about it I am sure you can/will work out why. But good luck out there.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Thats ok fair enough was more thinking to Help me with my Set Up and Show me few Tricks and Tips If you dont mind…dont want to Go to your spots…some Area Like conroys Gully or so to Show me how its done :slight_smile: …would Like to meet someone to Help me a bit out…normaly i Go sluicing and panning but would Like to Go more detecting as Well…Just Hit my First half ounce with my sluice ;)…Best Regards Steffen …

Hi Goldfox, That wasn’t what you were applying when you asked if I could take you out when I go again. I have been down this road with people before that I don’t know. I thought it could end up in a continued friendship but I found out the hard way that all they really wanted was to find out where I was finding my gold. I then never generally hear from them again & have even come across one of them with his friends on one of the spots I took him to. I spend a lot of time in research & more time & money in doing the hard yards out in the field tramping the mountain sides, camping out rough over weekends finding these spots. Do you really expect me to hold your hand & take you or anyone else for that matter directly to these spots with no effort on your or there behalf to clean up the gold I have spent so much time, energy & effort in finding in the first place? Like I said I learnt the hard way “trusting” people & I was shat on numerous times so I don’t do that anymore. So sorry about that.

I am totally open to helping you with your set up online or any tips a hints. So we can start with what set up do you have detector wise? That alone can make a big difference. If it is a cheap Chinese piece of shit then you are wasting your time on gold.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey Kiwijw , i am sorry to Heart about what happend …your right about that and i Inderstand that No problem…if you dont ASK you dont know… :wink: …hard Work for Sure and without Trust and Share of the Work and effort is Not working dont want someones Secret spots really i want my own one :grin:…is pretty hard to find someone to Go along and Out with hunting for Gold,well still i Go alone is Not so Safe but thats how it is :)… iam pleased that you want Help me with the Set Up… :slight_smile: I got a Goldkruzer from Nokta Nz …is really Not so easy but o reckon with enough Training should be getting better and better … hopefully xD
Best Regards Steffen

I would endorse what John said - enough said. There was a day when I welcomed one and all but never again. I am retired from Gold mining now but none the less my early days on this site and others was a great lesson in human nature, being let down and greed. People going back behind your back and in one case being friendly with someone who laters abuses you. Most people are decent types but it only takes a few to ruin it all for everyone. I have made some marvellous long term friends on one hand but on the other hand…it wasnt worth while. Ironically enough I found signs of some panners in my hut paddock near the road only two weeks ago.
I will give help and advice on line but thats the limit.


Oh my, but I have known a lot of successful detectorists, and they are a very secretive bunch. They have spent many years learning and refining their craft, so I dont blame them at all for not wanting to share

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retired from gold mining ? lammerlaw you have given me hope that one day I may live a quiet and normal life far from the restraints of the fever that has a hold of me , merryxmas

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