5 grams of Otago Gold from the Manuherikia

Selling another 5 grams of gold for a mate in case anyone’s interested…


Big river any idea what end of river seen the old dredge there once :+1:

Looks like upper part of river maybe around Falls Dam is my guess. I’ve seen some really nice gold come out of there with some big pieces as its quite unique looking

@gavin will your friend be selling more ?

He’s out of contact at present so can’t answer that one. Lives off the grid a bit at the moment so I only get to chat when he’s back in civilisation.

Most of the gold in central apparently runs 95-98%. Hopefully he isn’t on claimed ground with out permission. As virtually all of that river is now claimed.

Was all legit, paying to mine someone’s claim who’s on this forum.

I had heard it was supposed to be pretty pure gold from there.

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All is good then. Often can never be sure these days. Too many people think it is their right to keep working ground that has been claimed simply because they have been doing it for years before it was claimed

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