4hours bush bashing last nite

Hi all went for a good hunt last night the finds were a bit slow until one of the last holes I dig a really nice spill i bet whoever lost that was disappointed 100 years ago! H/H all!


That half crown is ace - I sure am jellyarse - all I find now days is beans baubles and buttons!

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I love rummaging around off track, always turns something up - Lot less junk chatter in the phones too.
Snuff box at the top?

I dont know but I thought snuff boxes were generally called coffins - they put you in the snuff box when you have snuffed it!

Not sure what that is its copper and enamel can’t get it open!

Would have to be bigger than this one then!

Can you get some better pics of it?

That’s a beauty half crown well done.

Gave it a wash there are no markings not sure if it’s old or not? Still can’t get it open

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Thanks cosmo they are so hard to find! This is only my second H/H

I think Mudwiggle is a very clever fellow because I am sure that he has hit it on the head - yes indeed - my money says that its a snuff box. Actually somewhere here I have a tin of snuff.

Actually that reminds me of the kids programme that promoted drugs by naming the programme or character in the programme ‘Puffnsnuff’ - or was that Pufnstuf?

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It wasn’t that deep put this came from the same area that my half sov came from and everything that has come out of there has been old my mate got an 1834 shilling a few meters from where I found this I was hoping it was full of gold coins!!!,!,!,!,!,!,


Hi steptoeandson
it looks like cloisonne enamel. Differently 19 century. Probably worth few bob to a collector.
Nice find. Problem you have is not to damage it while trying to open it. Good luck.

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Thanks musketballs it has a wee bit of damage to the base but that’s ok it’s had a hard life!

I know the feeling.:laughing:

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my bet is its a vicky pill box,try crc

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The Alf crown is definitely a bucket Lister for me well done

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Could be Roy I’ve got it in crc:wink:

Thanks Chris they are out there somewhere! H.H