45 grams heli-dredging

Finally(!) got around to doing a clean-up from a recent heli-dredging mission, so here you go @crackintherock @chdanz @PablosGold

If you know where I’ve been please don’t mention it here, thank you :wink:

I think the only real profiteer was the heli company at the end of the day, but all good fun.


Well done,takes a lot of effort and preparation to dredge a gram of gold…I know you worked for it!

Nice one man. It really takes some planning when your using the helicopter. A few extra minutes and your biggest nugget is burnt up into the air. A few nice nugg’s in there.

A hobby usually costs money doesn’t it? At least you’ve got some nice gold to soothe the physical and financial pain.

Heli dredging - Go Hard!

Some very nice nuggies in there Gavin,money spent in pursuit of your passion is not wasted…you could have blown it on wild women,pokies or TAB instead!!

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Nice chunky bits! Could we get a couple of close-ups on that big nugget?

Sure, here you go…

About two and a half grams of raw folded gold loveliness.


That’s killer! Find it in the sluice or eyeball it?

I found it in the sluice. Caught me by surprise as I’d just dragged it down river a short distance to another spot to try. Didn’t notice it till setting up - a nice surprise! Needless to say I dragged it back up to the original spot a bit later.

I think it must have been sucked up without me noticing when I was pushing the nozzle under a huge boulder I’d uncovered. Went back and properly cleaned up around the boulder and managed to slide it aside. Unfortunately there was only a few more small pickers found, no more nuggets.

Thats what dreams are made of, pic’s like these don’t help my gold fever lol . nice work m8

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Ok, I’ve got a bucket full of left-over concentrates (minus the black sand). Will it keep someone amused to re-process it over the winter? Doubt I’ll run it again. I’m hoping I’ve got a good recovery rate cleaning-up, but who knows!? If you want to give it a go PM me. The only thing I ask is that you tell me how much gold you recover… I’m hoping it’s not a lot, if anything! Need to supply your own bucket though.

The black sands have mostly been separated out with a magnet as it was congesting my bucket sluice too quickly. Keeping hold of these for now.

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Id like to grab so.e,from you if yyou still have some.
Cantrell1980 at gmail.com
Or if you have any . ill trade you 2 lbs for 2lbs of my dirt untouched cons…
Let me know

Sorry, maybe I should have wrote “concentrate tailings” rather than “concentrates” as I’ve already run them once to recover as much gold as I could. This is just the leftover material that there might still be a little gold still hiding in. Still want some?

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Here is a crazy idea.
Find a sloped clay bank, clear of grass.
Make several horizontal grooves, line the last one with a bit of wool.
Pour your concentrates out at top.
Repeat, after a year or two, clean off the top grit, scrape out the grooves & pan.

I wouldnt have the patience - I cant concentrate!

Probably need to smelt it, to free up the gold.