3 x Geotech Baracuda Rev. A - Pulse Induction board kits for sale

Hi all,

I have decided to get back into metal detecting, although this time I’m going to make my own kit! I’m busy assembling my own Geotech Baracuda pulse induction metal detector and I have enough spare boards and components for three more Baracuda’s if anyone else on the forum is interested in building their own PI machine.

Its a good learning experience and if it breaks you should be able to fix it yourself since you will understand how it works. To build it having access to an oscilloscope would be beneficial but you can get away with just a multimeter as long as you follow the manual carefully.

See the link below to the geotech forum for detailed assembly manual (plus other interesting projects!).

For 80NZD, postage included, you get the PCB board, and all the on-board components and connectors as listed in the manual, as well as IC sockets, power switch and two potentiometers (for threshold and sample delay) with knobs .

Not included is a speaker / headphone socket, or a battery holder. Plus you will also need to make or buy a coil, frame and enclosure for the board.

I’m still busy completing my Baracuda but I will post some pics and results once I’m done.

Happy hunting,

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Where did you get the parts (compoents) i am unable to find a lot of them in india since they are old

I used Aliexpress, Digikey and some other local suppliers. The only component that I couldn’t find was the F412A dual BIFET operational amp which I replaced with a AD712. If you cant find the original components try and look for modern replacements that have the same specifications.

2 x kits left. $50 dollars each, NZ postage included!

Hi Dave
Do you still have a kit available, please?

They are all gone now…