2nd Hand Gold Monster 1000

Hi, if there’s anyone here interested in selling a 2nd hand Gold Monster… send me a pm


Hi there, I may have one for sale. I don’t really need two of them :roll_eyes:. The 2nd one I haven’t even un boxed from getting it 2nd hand myself. I don’t think it was used much at all when I got it. I will have to take a look now & see what nick it is in. Probably still under warranty. How much you willing to pay? Bearing in mind I am not going to give it away like I virtually did with a Nox 800 that I had that I sold cheap to help a guy out as he seemed keen as. Only to see he used it bugger all & on sold it for a healthy profit. Somehow I always seem to get shat on & taken advantage of when I think I am doing someone a good turn. I am looking at about 1k for the GM 1000. Cheers.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Got one here . Want around $1k. Usual stuff that came with it and the box, hardly used.

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