2022 NZ Gold Panning Championships

The 2022 NZ Goldpanning Championships will be held on Saturday 24th September at the Alexandra Blossom Festival

We are looking forward to seeing you there competing amongst the best gold panners in the country and catching up with old friends.**

9.30am - Registration starts. Ends between 11.30am and 12pm depending on entries.

10.00am Heats will start and run through till finished, then break for lunch.

2.00pm “Stake your Claim”

2.30pm Team Event

3.00pm Category Finals, then NZ Champion.

4.00pm Prizegiving.

Entry fees will basically be the same as 2021: On the online entry this will show as $10.00 per entry and one-off $5.00 Admin fee.

**You can enter and pay online New Zealand Goldpanning Championship 2022


**Use this Google form to register New Zealand National Championship Entry Form

OR print the Google form and hand it in at registration.

As there is an entry fee to get into the grounds, panners will need to show their registration to gain free entry.

We always need help with set up and break down, so if you would be able to help please let us know. Even just hanging around at the end to help us get home before dark! Many hands make light work….

If you won a trophy last year please make sure it has been cleaned and is shiny and ready to bring with you on the day to try to win it back! If you are not attending this year please arrange for its return by 16th September 2022 to Amanda at Nomad Safaris, 2 Industrial Place, Queenstown or The OGHT office 52 Erris Street Cromwell.


Choice. Can you tell us what the record time is for a pan of GOLD.


Hi mate. The times vary depending on what type of pan you use. The competition flat/speed pans can pan the 10kg or so of gravel in well under 2min. Classic steel pans in around 3 min. I use a big green garret pan and a classic pan depending on my mood and the feel of the gravel. My panning times are around 4 min and I sneak into finals :blush: here is a pic of the 2021 open event final times Log into Facebook | Facebook

Cheers for that, interesting.
Many years back in aussie, an old time miner was telling me about panning comps between the local miners and the chinese miners.
To the somewhat disliking of the locals the chinese were very fast and efficiant panners and would pan thru all the tailings getting just as much GOLD as the locals…
Anyhows he went on to say that around 11 seconds down to the smalls was the time…
Ive tried it using lead and the results were surprising. :nerd_face:


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Hope to see some of you at the gold panning in Alexandra on Saturday :relaxed:

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The competition was great as was the Alexandra Blossom Festival.
Staci Lind won the title of New Zealand Champion so a big congratulations to her.
Yours truly came 1st place in the classic pan event. I will flop it out and show a photo of my big trophy :trophy: :eggplant:


And a lonely flake of gold detected in a well hunted location so was happy :blush:



Yes got there a bit late but did get to see the main part ,looked to be well run event great Job to all that run it cheers.

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Choice. Well done.



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Well done Sean. How many shotgun pellets did you also get in the process? I got more than my fair share of those little bastards. You did one bit of gold better than I did in there that day but I did find some Moa bones.
Well done on the gold panning too.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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I found quite a few shot pellets. I figured if i keep digging them up one will turn yellow. No moa bones for me I got distracted with the geology of all the different workings. Good to see you :blush:

Moa bones! That’s exciting. Makes me think of caves???

What are your thoughts on the geology of the workings? Old river deposits I reckon. Did you notice the amount of greywacke? Nearest greywacke I think is the Hawkduns.
That of course depends which workings you went to. If you go higher up it is different & could be glacial as there aren’t rounded river stones.

Nice to meet you & put a face to a name.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi Mat.

The two top bones. The short hip/pelvic bone & the next one.

This is how they were when I first found them.

I took numerous people to see them over a period of years & on one of my last visits the sheep had all but destroyed them. It was then I decided to take them. I gathered up all the broken & shattered bits that I could find. They sat in a sack in my garage for a number of years as I was so disappointed in the damage the sheep had done to them. As you can see in the pics it was a real jigsaw puzzle in putting them back together. Unfortunatly nowhere near as good as what they were when I first came across them.

Talking of caves

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I saw a cobble of near similar to kyeburn breccia but the caples terrain has similar cobbles. Looks also there to be some quartz conglomerate that has been faulted and cut by hillside colluvium and very well cemented creek sediments which have also infilled chasms. Was nice too meet you too mate. Happy hunting.