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2021 New Zealand Gold panning Championships Arrowtown this Saturday!

The NZ Goldpanning Championships will be held on Saturday 24th April in Arrowtown. We are
currently looking at a higher profile venue, but not confirmed yet. So either Butler Green as usual or the
Library Green opposite Fork and Tap.
We are looking forward to seeing you there competing amongst the best gold panners in the country and
catching up with old friends.
9.30am - Registration starts. Ends between 11.30am and 12pm depending on entries.
10.00am Heats will start and run through till finished, then break for lunch
2.00pm “Stake your Claim”
2.30pm Team Event
3.00pm Category Finals, then NZ Champion.
4.00pm Prizegiving.
Entry fees will be the same as 2020: $15 for the first entry per person and each subsequent entry $10.
Every competitor will receive a souvenir gold pottle containing a few flakes of gold as a memento.
We always need help with set up and break down, so if you would be able to help please let us know.
Even just hang around at the end to help us get home before dark! Many hands make light work

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Sitting down at smoko today having a look at this site,was heading south in morning and came across this? Never ever heard of such a thing. Nz gold panning championship WTF. Immediately I lost interest in my paid job got on phone and and in the best husband voice I can muster, asked my wife if we could leave in the the afternoon because we that way we could see the sunset from Bruce bay which I sold as a great idea. Luckily I’m a good salesman when I want to be and she agreed( best wife ever). Sitting in wanaka ready to get my pan on. I’ve never tried for speed but any tips much appreciated. Think I’ve got this😂.
See you in the morning :facepunch:t2:


How did you go Lepresean are you heading to Oz ? , was there a good turnout ? .

Hi thanks for asking it was another great event with unprecedented entrants meaning more gravel had to be sent for and it ran a little over time. It was really nice to have a quick talk with Allan Hamilton and to see him pan, he is in his 90s now and is still active in the woolshed…to see John and Margret May who helped with the competition in it’s early days…and many others…I like to think when I go to things like this I have shaken the hands that have shaken the hands of the old timer’s…this year was it’s 30th year…my 26th. I will not be heading to the west Island unfortunately… Official results can be seen at New Zealand Goldpanning


Really gd event,well worth the drive. Thanks for putting it on as these things take a lot effort and time and it was most appreciated.
360 days training time left, 1 of those hot plate pans and I reckon I could give it a real go😂


I am happy to hear it was worth the drive. I only enter each category once and cross my fingers unless I am certain to have lost most of the gold and may enter`twice and will usually only ever use my big metal double skinned pan from Ballarat. I have no roll setting up the event other than that of competitor and occasional heckler…the people that run it are the Gatward-frerguson crew of Nomad safaris and many others such as the Lind and the Ide family who have been on the scene for many years and also the Otago GoldFields Heritage Trust. One day we should have Team Paydirt enter :wink:

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