2019 Western Australia trip

Hi All,

I’m thinking of going on a prospecting trip to WA in 2019, anyone thinking of the same or have any information regarding this.


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yea just dont get thrown in the detention camp lol

Heaps of tour groups on Facebook, check out c.g.s prospecting tours.

Thanks for that, will give them a look.

Hi there digahole11, would be interested on what info you come up with about a 2019 trip to W.A.
I would definitely be interested in a trip like that.
My email: pclark365@yahoo.com flick me a email sometime for a bit of a chat about it.
Cheers Pete

Yep will do, just in the early stages of planning, not sure whether to book on a tour type deal or try and put something together from scratch.

hey id b keen , been watching aussie gold hunters and looks to easy im sure its not tho

Sweetas, I was detecting the Golden Triangle area in Victoria a couple of months ago. Got a couple of small nuggets but the ground has been detected to death !! Was thinking about heading over to W A but end the end I didn’t get there.

Plse just keep in touch and we,ll see how it all pans out.

Cheers Pete

I’d be keen for another trip over there. If you need to make up number to drop cost of 4wd hire etc. :wink:

Yeah sounds good, just in the early stages of research etc, maybe June or July, any ideas would be helpful.

Hi Gavin, As you have been there and done that was wondering if you have any info about locations, accommodation, 4wd hire, etc ? Perhaps you can PM Digahole with the info.
Cheers mate.

Could be interested also, what time of year are you thinking?

A bunch of us through the old forum went over on an organised tour back in May 2012. Was a area just outside of Leonora, WA. A chappy from up north called Glen Morgan got us all together for the adventure.

We went with Gold Prospecting Australia. Really well run and Mark went the extra mile helping everyone out and trying to ensure everyone got some gold.

Looks like we hired from Crikey Camper Hire…

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Choice, I reckon something along those lines would be the go. I know it was a few years ago but hve you got an idea of how much it cost each of you ?

Luckily I’ve got all the old emails squirreled away, so from an email Glen Morgan sent while organising the specifics…

Flights - each persons responsibility - we know the flights and dates for arrival
Prospecting - each person to take care of payments to Mark i.e. $300 AUD dep and $600 AUD remaining for detecting people - will let you know how when I know.

Vehicle Rentals - 19th May to 2nd June
(6 people over two vehicles)
Proposed: The cost of the vehicles (combined) e.g $1,500 p-vehicle p-w for the time of the prospecting is $6,000 AUD total (excluding extras) is $1,000 AUD per person, covering 19th May to 2nd June.
Additional travel outside of the 2nd June is covered by those participating in that travel.

Vehicle Extras - toilet, shower, generator, camp seats etc (if you think of anything let me know) shared cost

Food - shared cost - will distribute between vehicles etc, John can you think of a good list of food items - what was in offer last time?

Fuel - shared by the travellers in that vehicle

Campsite fees - shared by the travellers in that vehicle (Kalgoorlie, Leonora)

Hotel - B&B - if we all stay in the same location can get a good price - shared costs (excluding hotel extras)

Hi digahole 11
I’d be keen if there is room. Happy to help with planning if required.

Did this trip happen, or still in planning?