2017 Rotorua Seeded Hunt

G’day this years Rotorua seeded hunt/rally will be held at the BLUE LAKE on TARAWERA RD on SUNDAY the 26TH from 11AM to 4PM. This years major sponsor is MINELAB and they will be sending over a couple representatives to launch their new EQUINOX series detectors in New Zealand! There will be EQUINOX demo units that you can try out at the rally as well as tech talks! The event will be kid friendly and there will also be a BBQ! Come along and have a good fun day of detecting and socialising with like minded detecting enthusiasts and try your luck at bagging a prize! We look forward to seeing you there.


Gday. For all the Minelab users out there this event is going to be the official launch for Minelabs EQUINOX series metal detectors and to top it off Minelabs Manager of engineering Phil Beck as well as Minelabs general manager for ANZ Fraser Kendal will be attending to launch the Equinox…this will be a great opportunity to get in on some Tech talk etc about there new gear as well as existing gear from the guys that design and manufacture Minelab Metal detectors. So for those of you that get into the technical side of things here’s a good opportunity to get some info from the people that know best…who knows ya might learn a tip or two about your machine that will increase your chances at bagging more gold or coins etc.


More information on Facebook for those interested - MDNZA Rotorua 2017 Metal Detecting Rally & Hunt!

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Yes looks like a load of fun with the chance to win some great prizes. Wish I could go. Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

The Rotorua Rally 2017, proudly supported by Minelab, will be held on the 26th November at the Blue Lake Reserve (Tikitapu) on Tarawera Road, Rotorua.

This fantastic, free, family day out is a great event for both experienced detectorists and casual hobbyists! There will be plenty of fun for both adults and kids, with multiple hunts and challenges. Not convinced yet? How about a chance to win some amazing Minelab detectors and prizes?

Our friendly Minelab staff will also be demonstrating the new EQUINOX Series so don’t miss this opportunity to try it yourself!

Minelab Electronics
Technology Park, 2 Second Avenue, Mawson Lakes
SA 5095, Australia


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Hi It’s Jacobs Digital Here,

We are Minelab and XP dealers up in Auckland and are Co-Hosting this event with Andrew and Minelab. If you have any questions about the detectors we sell feel free to reach out. All of our contact information can be found on our website.


We have tons of goodie bags for people that come along (thanks Minelab) to the rally as well as 3 Detectors for top prizes and 2 Pro-Find kits that will be given away on the day in a kind of raffle based on tokens that are collected.

It’s going to be a great day, feel free to come along, it doesn’t matter what you swing. Everyone is invited. :slight_smile:

So…How was the event? I find it really strange that NO ONE has made a report. Not even any of the Minelab Dealers here in NZ. Unless of course I have missed it, which is a high probability.

JW :slight_smile:

I’m with kiwijw on this and was also wondering if the Mainland was going to get a similar event?
Cheers MBs

I went and enjoyed it. was a good atmosphere. there were old coins, tokens and rings planted but I only found some old coins and an old military horseshoe that had been there a looooong time, by NZ standards. Talked to a guy from Christchurch but forgot his name, sorry. People came from all over the place. Prizegiving was short but sweet for a few winning different detectors and a couple of gold pans. I missed “Gary’s got his gold out” cos my detector didn’t find gold. There would have been 100-150 people at a guess. will definitely go next yr.


Thanks for that goldsborough. Good to get at least ONE report.

Best of luck out there for 2018

JW :slight_smile:

these events are pretty much run through social media(Facebook) so im not to sure how many peeps from this forum made it to the event etc. Like Goldsborough said tho the day went well with around 150 people coming.bit of prize giving and detector talks and all those type of things youd expect from a bunch of detectorists coming together!

Thanks ATandy. I don’t do facebook. So that probably doesn’t help. It wouldn’t be much for some of the Minelab dealers/agents here in NZ to be a bit more involved on the forum when it comes to stuff like this though. Help spread the word & be involved with like minded people. I have to admit though that my interest these days is only in the gold detecting side of things & here in NZ there is almost nothing ever posted or related to on this subject here. So I frequent overseas forums to get my fix & talk the talk with like minded people on the gold detecting subject. I tried hard to be active on here for many years with the gold detecting thing but for some reason there just seems to be such a secret squirrel society when it comes to gold here in NZ. And of course you get your little green eyed monsters who are always trying to work out where you are getting your gold & they even ask you & expect you to tell them. They aren’t prepared to do there own research & home work & the hard slog out in the field. So then they just take the piss out of you. So I gave up. No skin of my nose. You don’t get that on the over seas forums. Maybe they are a lot more mature about it.

Best of luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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This place used to be great a few years ago - all manner of info & feedback were regularly posted - Certainly the place in NZ to come to find out whats what, but now???

I follow a few different forums for my various hobbies and all of them are struggling now, I think Facebook has pretty much killed them.

The reason fb is ‘taking over’ is because people let it BUT if everyone promotes this site on the Facebook pages or make the Facebook page members aware of Paydirts existence then more might gravitate here.
This site is ‘healthier’ in any case as fuckbook is well and truly monitored, sanitized and sensored and becoming more unpopular as people get disallisioned by the control exerted on it by it’s owners.

Did I detect a spelling mistake in the way you spelt facebook? LOL :smile: I do have to agree with you though.

JW :slight_smile: