2" dredge for sale

Hi all
I have a keen 2 inch back pack dredge for sale for $2500
Great wee unit goes well - located in Cromwell
Has inflatable pontoons
Not getting enough work so am selling to fund a new Nox 800

Is it a powerjet or nozzle set up?

Hi and good morning, need a phone number. Cheers

Cheers Darryn

Hi Goldsmo
Its a powerjet set up

Hi there, Have you got your Nox 800 yet. I have one that has hardly been used. Got two of them. They are deadly on small/tiny gold. Here was the result of a late arvo/evening detect in QT last friday.
8 tiny bits for .11 of a gram. If there was any larger gold present they would have taken care of themselves.

Detecting rotten schist bedrock. Scrape & detect.

See the tiny bit by the E. This is with the 6" coil

Another tiny bit.

The total for a bit of fun couple of hours in the cool of the evening.

I am based in Queenstown if you are interested in the detector. It will still have quite a bit of warranty left on it. Was purchased from Jacob Digital in Auckland mid last year for my wife, but she didn’t get into it…


John Wilson. (kiwijw)

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Hi John. Trev here from Westport. Remember I got hold of of you re my mate Graham who was moving to Qtown to work for Air NZ. He has been down there a couple of months now. He hasnt got hold of you yet, as he has just been so busy with training courses and, shift work at the airport. He managed to find accommodation of sorts, a small rental caravan parked up at some over crowed back packers type outfit. I will give him a ring tonite and try and talk him into your Nox. I did tell him the best thing for down there was a detector. Poor bugger is now hunting for a home to purchase. Was looking at somewhere out Frankton. Cheers Trev

Better than the monster for small stuff?

Hi Gav. Very on par. I am finding these higher frequency VLF’s all very close in performance. The Nox 800 is just a real do it all very well detector. Usually these detectors that have a gold mode & coin/relic mode excel better at the coin/relic side of things than the gold side. But the Nox 800 just does it all extremely well. For me being more into the gold side of detecting it is proving to do well at this small/tiny gold. Even with the standard 11" coil that it comes with. But the little 6" gets into tighter spots & is more gold detecting friendly. I still do love the little GB2 with its bullet proof little sniper coil. The Gold Monster with it two coils that it comes with is deadly as well. It just really comes down to what features you like & what you feel in those features helps you in identifying a target signal. With gold that is very difficult & I usually dig all signals. But those 8 little bits were mostly coming up with negative VDI numbers all over the place, as I was detecting in all metal mode to get the most power out of the detector & just using my magnet to sort out any iron stone & sands. If the signal was still there after waving the magnet thru the dirt it was always a tiny bit of gold. There is no man made rubbish at this spot as I have scraped & detected this bedrock numerous times & smashing up a bit more is still exposing tiny gold. I removed any man made rubbish a long time ago. Here is a link to a post I did on these finds.
How did your dredging go? I never got up to check you out. Went over to the West Coast jet boating & mountain biking. Didn’t even do any detecting.

Best of luck out there.

JW :slight_smile:

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Hi there Trev, Thanks for that mate. Bloody hell…your mate will be paying an arm & a leg to get a house in QT. Prices are crazy. The Nox is a good little weapon. It is a great gold detector & a coin & relic machine. Probably the best at doing very good at everything. Usually these cross over detectors that do gold & coin/relics are usually far better at the coin/relic side of things. But the nox does it all very well. I have used it mostly for small/tiny gold which it does very well. Cheers mate. Hope all is well with you.


John :slight_smile:

Haven’t had time myself to get out either, now I also don’t have a vehicle to get up there at the moment, going to try giving detecting a go again and see if I can get the fever back as I haven’t seen gold in a long time