2 day Rock Chucking & Boulder Rolling Bootcamp

Who needs the gym eh!

Been chomping at the bit and only just got out for my first dredging mission of the summer. Wasn’t the best section of creek, only found enough to cover expenses, but good fun!


Awesome looking trip i must get out for a pan on one of the public areas . Its been a while thanks for sharing

Hi Gavin, beaut bits of gold man, always reckon guys like yourself who are prepared to get wet and cold, deserve the gold that you get. Like the tent, looks alot easier to put up then my Hubble! Just had a poke in a couple of creeks around the Brunner area, and got a bit of colour. Cheers, Ben.

Beautiful gold!
Thats an interesting camper top (tent).

Great looking setup…cool trip…nice chunky gold too!!!
good effort!

Hey Gav nice setup. Looks like your in a good spot.
Hey what’s your thoughts on the Keene 4 inch ultra you got? Did you find you were getting alot of blocks in the jet? What’s your thoughts on its recovery ?

I like the 4 inch… easy for me to break up and bush bash down into spots.

I get a fair few blocks, but easy to clear and more user error if I’m getting a little carried away sucking up too many larger rocks at once.

Recovery seems fine (tends to be in top of box unless I’ve had some sort of mishap), though I tend to have to adjust the box up and down for best results depending on how it’s sitting in the water due to currents pushing against it, rocks under pontoons, etc. On this trip I initially had to slip the box out to compensate for front end getting pushed down by stream water flow, but when I moved it to 2nd position I forgot to reset and initially all material was getting swept through before I pushed box back up to compensate. Worth stopping work and checking flow a few times when initially moved to new spot.

Only dredge I’ve had, so nothing to compare against directly.

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And the tent setup is @PablosGold in case curious… I just sleep on a mattress in the back of my truck.

Good effort Gav. Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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