1st Silver ring

Hi all, found our first silver 925 ring today! Also got a bunch of other stuff including some spendies. Left the Mrs with the nox while I went back to the car to get some warmer clothes and she pulled out a dollar, great work!

Any tips on cleaning really black silver?


Well done with your first ring DM. Might be worth getting the rock checked. Good luck.

Thanks musketballs, sure beats digging up bottle caps and foil! I thought about getting it checked, fits the Mrs perfectly too.

Well done on the ring.
Can clean it by soaking for an hour or so in neat cloudy ammonia, then give it a nadger with a piece of denim or similar and some Brasso, then move to soft cotton and it’ll come up lovely.

Fitting her finger sets a dangerous precedent though.

Don’t worry about digging foil, that’s where the first gold ring will be

nice ring quick way of cleaning thick encrusted silver rings i take 600 wet and dry to it them the dremel with brasso to get the scratches out,10 mins all done,never seen diamonds on a silver ring.

Thanks for the replies everyone I will have a crack at cleaning it when we get home from our holiday. I have a few questions about how others are getting on with the equinox 800 but I will start another thread. Good day to find gold discs with the queen’s head on today :grin:


Another way with silver is to loosly fold tinfoil over ring (so water can get in) put it in GLASS bowl/cup, add huge heaped teaspoon or so of baking soda, then add Boiling water slowly. It will bubble and froth up. Water is to cover foil and ring in it. Leave overnight. Repeat several times depending on how black it is.