1kg .999 Silver Ingots

Just grazing around the Herald over a beer, and stumbled over a story about the various sorts preparing for the end of the world, in one form or another.

This comment caught my eye, and raised an eyebrow.


50,000 Rupees, maybe… :laughing:
Gotta love the press.


so you could say that he has assets of 12 pounds stirling?

Golly l am rich…l had better sell my silver bars? Any takers at 10 percent discount. Only $45,000 each and l will even pay for postage!

On a more serious note l think gold and silver are a marvellous investment but NEVER buy from jewellers. Buy from Regal Castings 7 Akiraho Street, Auckland.

So i can look up the price of goulde on here in great detail, but what about other metals? Shouldn’t we have a price for other mineable materials ? Silver, platinum, depleted uranium, tungsten and black sand, coal, kauri gum, and marzipan?

You can look up price of silvèr and platinum as well on the same sites as the gold. They prices on the site l give change often. It might be every couple of minutes but unsure of that.