1943 threepence with cracked die marks. Is it worth anything?

Found this today. It has die cracks marks front and back.
4- On George’s side 1 on the E of georgE, 1 between I and King. 1 Between G and Emperor. 1 On R of EmpeRor.
And 4 on the Patu side. 1 on each of the Patu cords.1 between L and A of ZeaLAnd. 1 on 3 of 1943.
Photos aren’t good but they are definitely raised die marks.
I can’t find any reference to this die crack anywhere on the net.
I rang the only coin collector I know and he has never heard of this die crack pattern there is another known one for 1943 but this is very different.
What should I do chuck it on Trademe or is it worth taking to a coin dealer. Will they give me a valuation? Coin is in better than average coconditions

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Better photos through the magnifying glass.


Nice coin, yes this should be worth your while to place on EBAY or Trade Me to get a good price. I personally haven’t seen this variety and don’t know of any others even after 40 years of trading coins. A fantastic find, well done.

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Thanks @gerard . I have put it on TRADEME Trade Me