12 Mile visit today

Hi y’all we are taking a break from the arrow today and going to have a scratch around 12 mile if anyone is in the area or doing the same, feel free to say giday :slight_smile:


Hard going river too much to explore for those not familiar with the area, very dusty dry and over grown this time of year. Only a spec found, would love to have spent more time there it’s really nice

Thanks for the info was looking at headimg up there for a day fossicking but considerimg might be best to stick with the arrow

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Good choice, our last day in arrow was today and we got about 40-50 small bits and specs in total which was a nice afternoon to end our fossiking holiday. I think our total is about .5 of a gram :joy: but it’s been a blast from slab hut to britannia and more. The South Island is really stunning and we met some neat people along the way. The effort that goes into finding those nuggets is truely something to praise. Landslides:slips washing out walkways no reception you really are alone if you roll an ankle ! Go prepared so you can fight another day. This will be a life long hobby I think cannot wait for our next adventure.



Good write up team, looks like you got it sussed. Have fun, get out into the stunning outdoors, get off the phone and have some relaxing time together. Once you realise its more about that than finding a fortune it all makes sense. The small amount of gold is just a little bonus. All your mates will probably ask how much did you get and did you get any massive nuggets, mine do but thats not the point!


On point Dreamyminer. The gold is just a bonus.

Talking of remote spots. Big country in there.

Bit foggy some days

The gold just a bonus but a start for 2023.

Happy New Year all.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Nice pics JW, much better than the day job! Hope you enjoy 2023 scouring those hills with your detector :grinning:

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Nice spot John, looks like lammerlaw range.

Thanks all it’s been an epic journey, fantastic learning and experience to build on, eye opening into how physical it is. We are currently in timaru on our final leg home very run down (clear tests) prob just too much time wet in the rivers last few days the weather changed so it’s feet up and relaxing. Mrs Goldpanfam is choosing next years holiday but I have been greenlit to return in 2024 :joy: but I think we will be motelling instead of camping haha I’m about 2.5grams closer to our plan to make a new wedding ring, we will get there eventually


Oh forgot to mention a hilarious accident at 12 mile, my son left his prized phone on the roof of the car when we got there, we are away about 2 hrs or more, get in the car, drive over the metal roads back to “civilisation” and make our way back toward arrowtown. We stop in for fuel at Frankton near the MCD as he’s panicking he can’t recall where is phone is assuming it’s in the boot. I run into mc Donald’s and they don’t have it then a gentleman comes over to the car at the pump and points out there is a phone on the roof !! Testament to my wife’s driving skill how on earth ??? :joy:


Id be in.
Not in the area
The doc camp theres great to stay
You can also enter.
1km approx at a bike trail walkway on main road ⁵ mins. towards glenorchy from 12 mile delta

hi Gold
can you let me know roughly where in Arrow , ie direction up the river from Arrowtown
or just around the town,
Is the far bank best away from Arrow streets or the inside bends.
Has anyone done well at the lower shotover ie not the gorge.
There wasnt much up at Shotover on the 4wd track by the bungy jumpers higher up the river.

Hey wheres that? Looks like the country l love. I wanna go there!

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It is a lot closer to you than it is for me. :wink:
Best you mount your iron horse & get your arse up there then instead of galivanting all around the country. Priorities… :rofl:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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