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Trying to find this winch to buy in NZ


Hi all,I want to purchase this winch (image attached)does anyone know where I could find a NZ supplier or in fact have one to sell?Magnum hand winch and cables
Cheers Mal


Try Nz Safety Blackwoods they stock alot of different stuff


nothing like a good strong wench


It’s a Tirfor winch, try cooks wire ropes or similar


Dan Gerber can supply them and rock nets


Yeah?..I didn’t see any on his site,other winches maybe…I have done some research and based on cost via haulage rating the ARB Magnum looks like the Shizz…have contacted nearest ARD agents in NZ see if they get back me…will try Cooks …thanks All:smile:


At first I thought contacting your local 4x4 club maybe via Facebook. I also had a little search and came up with Nelson Auto Parts having them listed.


Yes it forwards onto NZ …looks like a great site with everything I need …thanks for that Dragon!!


I’ve used these in the past, they are quite heavy and really slow


What sort of winch would you recommend? I’m looking at working a large boulder field so I thought a slow heavy duty winch would be the safest option also you don’t need to re attach each section as cable continuously feeds through…open to suggestions…cheers


I have a 2.5 ton one for sale brand new plus a rock net
$300 and $200 cheers


PM 'd you …cheers for that


ive been knowen to drive my truck into the river and use the winch


Yeah,a mate of mine brought his flash new can am quad hunting with us ,had a fancy strong winch so he decided to sling the end of the cable over a branch and winch the quad up into the tree by remote control to hide it before we started stalking…we came back on dark and he couldn’t remember which tree it was up…so we started looking up all the trees…some other hunters came up the track and asked what we were looking for? “Our quad bike” …they must have thought that we’d eaten too many magic mushieess…lol:star_struck:


did photos come though

#16 has them


Thanks for that.Photos came through ok…have PM’d you


ok Mal will get on to it.
based in tokoroa.


Will email you when I have done transfer.
Thanks again.


If the winch is for moving rocks in the river then chemical persuation is more fun…more spectacular…more bang for your bucks…the rock will never requiring moving again because it won’t exist…lighter to carry!